Collection: Laka + ‘Iwa‘iwa + Palai Iron on Patch

Laka + ‘Iwa‘iwa + Palai Iron on Patch (4x4")

‘Iwa‘iwa known as Maidenhair (Adiantum capillus-veneris) + Palai or Palapalai also known as hay-scented fern, lace fern, rigid lace fern (Microlepia strigosa)

Lama - In hula Kuahu practice, the Lama is the physical manifestation (kinolau) of Laka. Laka is the goddess of the forest, hula and inspiration, she inspires creativity, in hula and is the transpiration of the forest.

ʻIwaʻiwa - The word ʻIwaʻiwa means; learned, intelligent and skillful. In hula Kuahu  practice, ʻIwaʻiwa is not typically placed / offered on a “hula” Kuahu. On the Tiny Kuahu Series platform I saw this as an opportunity to highlight kinolau like the ʻIwaʻiwa to invoke the intension and essence of its name; to learned, intelligent and skillful.

WA UMIKUMAKAHI (Kumulipo); O Liilihomole ke kāne, o Iwaiwa ka wahine

Palai - The word Palai means to turn the face away, as in embarrassment, confusion, humility; bashful; to conceal oneʻs true feelings. In hula Kuahu practice, Palapalai / Palai is one the more significant kinolau and is ranked highly in the hierarchy of Lakas embodiments. Through the Tiny Kuahu Series platform, I chose an adverse interpretation of Palaiʻs definition, instead of turning away in humility, to turn inward and out exuding confidence and courage.

KA WA EKOLU (Kumulipo) O Hooulu I ka lau palaialii

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